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Workshops and the Omaha Film Festival

Workshops and the Omaha Film Festival

Last weekend I started a Workshop with John Beasley and I am really excited about it.  There are only 4 of us in the class…and it just so happens that it is the 4 of us that are planning on moving together, so it is pretty much a private workshop with John Beasley himself as well as his son Tyrone, who is a cool dude too!  They gave us all homework, so I have been studying some lines from The Wager by Mark Medoff this week.

Furthermore, the Omaha Film Festival is approaching, and I have found out that I have 2 films that will be in the festival.  Shimmer 2 and Bush Pigs.  The official announcement of what films are in the festival are going to be released on January 21st, if I am not mistaken, but I have been mistaken once before, but only once.  So stay tuned to the website and get your tickets when the become available!  The festival runs from February 21-March 1 and if it is anything close to last years it will be an amazing amazing time!

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