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Sometimes I get to experience awesome places, great teachers, useful information, or other great things I think are too good to keep to myself.  This page is dedicated to sharing those awesome things with all of you.


Bonnie Gillespie’s SMFA Class (LA) – If you’re new to LA or have been around for awhile, this class is great at helping you get really specific about your type and knowing who and how to target the folks you need to be targeting. Plus Bonnie and Keith are just plain rad!

Jump Start (LA) – Shawn Tolleson’s class, known as “Jump Start” literally is a jump start to your career; like an electric shock, this class will propel your career forward at lightening speeds! Besides learning, in detail, how to set very specific, measurable goals, you’ll also learn great ways to sell your actor business, and to get into rooms you may not have been able to before.

SuperMentors (LA) – Marc and Elaine Zicree are industry vets. They’ve been around for 30+ years in the industry as writers/directors/producers. They are some of the most kind, knowledgeable individuals I have ever met. They’re extremely open to sharing their vast amounts of knowledge.

ACTING CLASS (Strictly based off my experiences):

I took at 2 year Meisner course and found it highly valuable. There are a number of them in Los Angeles, and I found it to be an integral part to all of my acting. It gave me a solid base to grow from.

Billy O’Leary (LA) – Billy is still a Professional working actor, so what he teaches if not just theory. His method is a practical way to book work. He’s very strong with comedy, on camera material, and with the audition technique. I also put myself on tape for a number of audition with Billy’s help.

Diana Castle (LA) – Diana is simple one of the most brilliant people I’ve met. Period. Her teaching method has not only allowed me to approach my acting in a different way, but her method transcends into my daily life. I am practicing what she talks about in all the walks of my life.

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