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Who knew?

Who knew?

I am going to briefly update everyone on my goings ons.  This week, starting last Sunday, is and will continue to be an awesome week. 

Sunday the 4 of us roomies went down to Actors Creative Workshop.  It was a workshop with Casting Director Nick Anderson (he has casted a lot of tv shows with big names!).  Everyone in the class was paired up with someone to act with in a scene.  I was fortunate enough to be blessed with an opportunity to act alongside Rachel Lien.  The scene we were given was a romantic scene, but Nick had told people to not do the obvious thing with the scene or it would be boring…so Rachel and I decided to make the scene take place in 2 adjacent port-a-potties!  It was awesome and the whole class was laughing.  It was a great feeling.  Nick gave us some positive comments (which can’t be said about the entire class) and we proceeded to watch the rest of the class.  Both Jill and Ben (roomies) did an awesome job in their scenes as well.  Jill had everyone laughing with the character she created and Ben put a spin on some of his dialogue that got people going too.  Nick didn’t have a bad thing to say…which says a lot!

Last night we went to another workshop at the ACW and Producer/Talent Manager Jeff Brooks and he freaking rocked our worlds!  This guy will be able to make us working actors, I have no doubt!  He is selfless and knowledgeable and I WILL take a class from him in the future.  Not this upcoming one however because I am already signed up for 2 classes and I really want to dedicate some time to it.  Tuesday also had an awesome event for Rachel…but I will talk about that at the end.

Tonight I begin my Intensive Meisner study at the William Alderson Acting Studio.  I have been very interested in learning more about Meisner, so I am very excited about this class.  It was recommended by Nick D’Agosto (Omaha Native – Election, Heroes, The Office, Fired Up).

Friday I begin my 4 week Voiceover class.  I hope to meet a lot of people in my classes and learn some great things!

Sunday I have another audition, but it is about 2 hours away!  So hopefully that goes well!

Okay, so now to Rachel’s big event.  So anyone that really knows Rachel knows that she has a hard time with directions.  So yesterday, between driving to her 4 audition for the day, she didn’t listen to her GPS (surprise surprise) and she took a wrong turn to the right.  To compensate and get back on track, she took a left turn.  As she did, saw that their were a bunch of huge trailers and a guy sitting outside of the trailer.  Naturally, you’d reverse and go a different way, right?  Wrong!  Rachel parks her car and walks up to the gentlemen.  She starts out the conversation in the typical Rachel fashion.  “Hi!  I’m Rachel!”  She begins to chat with this gentlemen.  She asks the gentlemen what they are filming.  Simple put, he says, “Entourage”.  You know, HBO’s show?  Well she proceeds to ask the guy if he ever goes on set.  He says, “Oh yeah.  You can go in if you want.”  So Rachel does.  As she walks inside, she’s all dressed in black covered by a grey sweat shirt carrying her two big I-don’t-know-what-you-put-in-there bags and her purse.  She quickly scopes the scene.  Its a night club and everyone is dressed in black.  She quickly decides to take off her grey sweater and bags and stuff them behind some props.  She just stands in the same spot until someone tells her what to do.  Someone comes over and hand her a martini glass and puts her in a spot.  She’s now in the scene.  Between scenes a gentlemen that “looks somewhat important”, as Rachel puts it, catches Rachel’s eye and makes his way over to her.  He says, “Haven’t we worked together on a project before?”.  Rachel informs him that she doesn’t think so because she has just moved here.  They chat for awhile and it turns out that it is the Associate Producer Gary Goldman.  At the end of the night Rachel gives him her headshot and things look promising for future endeavors.  But at the end of the night, some guy sits down next to Rachel and she once again introduces herself.  He asks her if she was one of the extras today and she replies, “Honestly, I just walked on set.”  He says, “That’s the strangest thing I’ve heard all day!”  and tells her to make sure she got her voucher.  So she fills out her information on the voucher in order to get paid.  So long story short, she makes a wrong turn, walks on to the set of Entourage, catches the eye of the Associate Producer, gives him her headshot and resume, gets paid, and to top it off, the wardrobe lady looks at what she is wearing and says, “I like that!  Who dressed you?”  Rachel replies, “Um…I don’t know?”  🙂

Who knew!?!  She was meant to be there at that time!

Bryan McClure

PS- My acting demo reel is online now too 🙂

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8 Responses to “Who knew?”

  1. Rhett McClure Says:

    Bryan, that is cool! Tell Rachel congrats and way to work the system! Woo HBO!


  2. Dan McClure Says:

    I think someone should make a movie about you guys trying to get into the movies. Those were some good scenes.

  3. blogmaster Says:

    Thanks guys 🙂 What a week!

  4. Ericka Says:

    wow…that’s so cool!!! Makes me wish I had a tv so I could see Entourage!

  5. Robert Murphy Says:

    Am enjoying reading about your adventures out west. The voiceover class sounds interesting since we utilize a lot of it at work. Interested to hear how that goes. And, obviously, awesome for Rachel that she got on Entourage!

    Hope things continue to go well for you all.

  6. blogmaster Says:

    Cool Rob,
    I’ll keep you posted on how that goes. If you need any work done, don’t you hesitate to ask. I have my voiceover demo reel on my site here

  7. Mary Stokes Says:

    Sounds like you guys are having a blast! I can just picture Rachel doing her thing, that is great! Keep enjoying yourself.

  8. Ray Lopez Says:

    Awesome story Bryan! Only in LA. I’m gonna be an avid reader of your blog. You have an intriguing writing style that makes for a really good read. And as a native Angeleno, I love hearing about new arrivals’ escapades.

    BTW — I have a story that’ll knock your socks off … I was having — ahhh I mean, DOING … lunch at McDonalds when who should walk in? The guy who was “second embarrassed boy behind tree” in that $2.00 production that went straight to video! Wow!!! Like I said, only in LA! LOL

    Anyway, keep writing. You have a way of conveying mental images with your words. Awesome!

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