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What is up?

What is up?

Well I have several new Acting Related things that I have been a part of recently or will be taking part in within the next few days.

1) I Modeled some really sweet Christmas Sweaters for my friend Cheri Bloomingdale and they turned out awesome…and of course, she should them all 🙂

2) I just completed my voiceover reel with John Lee this evening.  After particing with John’s expertise, I finally have something to show for it.  Check out my demo reel by
clicking here.
Feel free to contact me for a non-compressed .wav file for better sound quality.

3) Saturday I will be filming some scenes with Derek Baker for Ulterior Motives.  That sound be pretty cool…literally and figuratively because we’ll be outside…in the winter…in Nebraska!

4) Lastly, I got kicked off of facebook because they thought I was spamming people.  When I began messaging all of my friends about joining the April Showers fan page, they sent me a warning and have disabled my account. It ticked me off! Hopefully that is just a temporary thing.  I’ve got more promoting to do!

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