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Wake the Witch

Wake the Witch

Yesterday I finished my filming for Wake the Witch.  I was a good experience.  I learned some good things about myself as an actor.  I pushed myself to a new limit that I had not gone past before and I am glad to know that I can go to that place if called upon to do so.  It was a fun project to be a part of and I can’t wait to see the final presentation!

It was great to work with Writer/Director, Dorothy Booraem, Producer/Director of Photography Chad Haufschild, and Producer Pete Lipins and hope to work with them again some day.  Stefanie Tapio is doing a great job as the lead in the story and it was a pleasure to work along side her.

Also my good friends Marc Longbrake and Julie Matthews that I met at the Omaha Film Festival last year came out to set and hung out for awhile.

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