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Two Peas in a…bigger city

Two Peas in a…bigger city

Howdy friends and family and whoever else has stumbled on to my site.

I have some updates that are fairly fun for everyone…well maybe not, but that rhymed and was fun to say. Any who, so as my readers now know, my friends and I have traveled across the country to a little place called Los Angeles, California from the megalopolis known as Omaha, Nebraska. One of my fellow travelers is Rachel Lien. I have been fortunate enough to act in a number of projects alongside the gifted Rachel while in Omaha. One would think,
however, that once we came out to the City of Angels (Los Angeles for those that don’t know that…and if you don’t, have you been under a rock?), it would be difficult to find ourselves privileged enough to work with each other once again. Well, let me tell you, “One” is wrong.

Friday Rachel and I were both called in to do work on a Nickelodeon gig. Neither of us were aware that we had even submitted for the same project. Only 40 actors were used in the scenes that day. So out of all of LA and surrounding areas, we were both chosen from the same house to participate.

But that is not where the craziness stops. Then Sunday rolls around and we both find out that we have an audition for a USC film project, which we both think, “cool to have even received auditions to the same project.” When the day started neither of us would have realized that we were both going to be getting lead parts in the project!

So here we are. We traveled halfway across the United States to the largest city in the country and we both end up in 2 projects together in one weekend. What are the chances of that happening? Honestly! Can someone calculate that for me?!

As of today, it was a good one. I had four auditions. Three of the four actually felt pretty good, the fourth was a little shaky, but we shall see, won’t we 🙂

Until Next time…

Bryan McClure

PS-By the way the movie April Showers, based off of experiences of Columbine Survivor, Andrew Robinson, (which I was involved with) is currently ranked #153 on imdb! This is huge!!! The only other independent film that is ranked this high is Juno! Our goal is to get it to break 100! If you could help spread the word, & improve the rating, that would be great!

Two things will help:
1) Goggle search for April Showers and then click on imdb.
2) After that, go to and rate the movie and write a review if you get the time!

Let’s pump up the excitement about the movie! And tell your friends too!

Thanks everyone!

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8 Responses to “Two Peas in a…bigger city”

  1. Janet Kabourek Says:

    way, way, way great!

  2. Dan McClure Says:

    You two look so splendid in this naturescape photo. It captures two of my favorite things, natures beauty and you together in it. This is one of my all time favorites. I would like to get an enlarged copy if possible.

    love ya


  3. Laurel McClure Says:

    Love the new layout!

  4. Zack Biggity Peterson Says:

    there’s just a little too much to the picture, what is it?…. OH YES, you still have a shirt on! god i would love to see you in that landscape with no shirt on, like a cheap white trash senior picture! that’s the ticket!

  5. blogmaster Says:

    Sorry to disappoint Mr. Z Biggity 🙂

  6. Jolene Says:

    Stick together guys! Two are definitely better than one!!


  7. Chris Milner Says:

    Is Zack’s middle name really Biggity?

  8. blogmaster Says:

    I think so 🙂

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