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Thursday was a good day!

Thursday was a good day!

Thursday was a good day…heck, Thursday was a great day!  I got to start off the day doing some filming for Jay Castillo’s Christ Community Church video.  I better update my resume.  With that statement, I just came to the revolution that this site needs a resume!

Anyway, filming with fellow NFG member’s Cheri Bloomingdale and Vernon Wheeler, as well as 2 new friends Rochelle and Tori was a great time.  It is always good to practice the craft as well as see different directors style of directing.  We have one more day of filming left and I believe that is next Saturday.  If you’d like to see the video, it will play at the Easter services at Christ Community Church.

That same day, I received a call back audition for a training video, which I am waiting to hear back about.  The only other male that was called back was my good buddy and fellow traveler, Ben Chrystak, which I found to be awesome!

Wish me luck for the training video 🙂

Bryan McClure

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  1. Dan McClure Says:

    Good luck Bry!

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