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The Weeks End

The Weeks End

So, as I mentioned in my previous blog, it was quite the busy week this week!  I had my first LA call back audition on Thursday…which worked its way into a lead role in a student film! That is pretty exciting for me!  We had a 2 hour rehearsal today and start “work” (as its called) on Wednesday.

It was a really long day today because, previous to my rehearsal from 4-6, I had been on the road for 4 hours driving to and back from an audition that was Farther north than Santa Barbara.  The drive itself had its high points…I mean never before have I driven past the beach on the way to an audition!  I felt that the read went pretty well, so that is a good thing.

Today another interesting thing happened to me.  So getting back from my road trip audition at 3:25, I was in a bit of a hurry at my house to get some grub and get back on the road to make my rehearsal in Hollywood by 4:00.  I grabbed some nice pb&j action and a banana and way on my way.  Riding cool as a cat with my shades on and after I had annihilated the pb&j, I began to work on my banana.  I was peeling it with my teeth…looking quite a bit like a monkey, I’m sure.  As I was doing so, I looked over at the car next to me and saw a young girl sitting in the passenger seat.  She waved at me.  I thought it was our neighbor that lives below us, named Estancia, so I smiled my big monkey smile and waved.  Then she began to get excited and I realized it wasn’t my neighbor.  This girl was confusing me for someone else.  By this time, my car had slowed because of the vehicle in front of me so their car had gone a little ways ahead of me.  As the car in front of me picked up speed, so did I (I was in a hurry in the first place, trying to get to rehearsal).  But as I re-approached the vehicle with the young girl in it, she had gotten out her camera and before I knew it, she was taking a picture.  This girl though I was some celebrity or something!  I was laughing out loud to myself in my car as I thought about her looking over and getting excited about seeing some random dude anxiously squirming about in his car while trying to make it to his rehearsal on time and trying to peel his banana peel with his teeth.  My only guess is that maybe she saw April Showers 🙂

Anyway, funny experience for me.

I have some great plans for tomorrow and hopefully great things come out of it.  More on the soon!

Until next time…

Bryan McClure

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2 Responses to “The Weeks End”

  1. Dan McClure Says:

    I would quickly point that thing in a different direction!

  2. Mary Stokes Says:

    that is very funny.

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