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The OFF & “Shimmer 2”

The OFF & “Shimmer 2”

So the Omaha Film Festival started off with a huge bang!  It has been a blast the last few days!  We got to see friends and filmmakers from April Showers come in town for the viewing of “Shimmer 2”!  No one knew what to expect, so that anticipation was awesome!  Every actor in the movie did such a great job!  All performances were superb!  The score of Dominik Rausch was amazing and Aaron Platt’s cinematography was stunning!  It was quite a delightful treat!

Family and friends were very complimentary of my part in the movie and I was quite thankful for their words of kindness!  Rachel Lien, Ben Chrystak, Daryl Sabara, Kelly Blatz, Tom Arnold, and Ellen Woglom had really impressive scenes!

Come and join us for the rest of the festival the rest of this week, through Sunday!

On another note, I think I might have a couple different projects on the horizon with acting and a possibly client that would like to work with me in Freelance Design!  Stay tuned…

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