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The next month and a half

The next month and a half

Wow, there is so much going on in the next month and a half it is hard to believe…and it is also hard to find a place to start off this discussion.

I guess I will start off with the exciting news that was released on the April Showers website today.  It was announced that April Showers opens April 24 in Omaha, NE at Rave Motion Pictures Westroads 14!  This is really exciting to be able to see my first big movie play in a theater in Omaha!  In conjunction with this film coming out, I will be doing an interview with my buddy Jenny Nowatzke (KPTM) on April 19th, so stay tuned to the news for that.  My good friends, Rachel Lien, and Bill Grennan, will also be involved with this interview.  In addition to the KPTM interview, I will also be interviewed by my friend Pete Ferreri over the radio regarding the film and its release.  He is an on the air radio host for Newell Broadcasting radio station in Baker, MT.

To go along with all the April Showers excitement, I will be out in LA next week with my travel buddies and some other friends involved with April Showers to experience the LA premiere of the film.  It will be a red carpet affair, so I suppose I will have to dress snazy…which means I might have to iron and I definitely can’t wear my grease stained neon green shirt…or can I? 🙂  Anyway, that will be great!

While we are out there, we will also be doing some home shopping. So that will be a fun adventure.  Our friends April Wade and Corey Wish were gracious enough to provide us with lodging, as well as Easter fun, since we will be there over the holiday!

The release of April Showers and the ever-so-close move date aren’t the only exciting things going on with me right now. I have been asked to act in 3 and possibly a 4th film before we leave mid-may!  That is a lot to do before we go!  However, this is all awesome and I am very thankful to be given 2 lead roles in 2 films and the 3rd to practice doing voiceover work.  The possible 4th film would be a lot of improvisation, which is also something that I love.  So basically they are all gifts from the Big Guy In The Sky (I felt it needed to be capitalized :)).  I am very thankful and happy to have received these roles.

Mentioning improv, I will be partaking in a class at the Nebraska Film Group tomorrow regarding character development in improv situations.  This will be taught by Tory Nixon, who has been both trained by Second City and The Groundlings, and has done quite a number of stand-up routines.

Lastly as far as web design goes, I will be having a meeting this week with a potential client.  Hopefully that goes well!

Bryan McClure

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  1. Dan McClure Says:

    Whew! That wore me out. You are definitely a multi tasker. Let me know when you guys do the radio interviews. Keep up the good work.


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