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The New Headshots

The New Headshots

Heya Folks,

So here is the new headshots that I mentioned to you in my previous post. I am super pumped about Dennis Apergis’ photos. His company is He just blew my mind with his photos. Everything was great! You can also see them on my headshots page.

Other updates, I have started taking classes at Killian’s Workshop and I am learning so much it hurts…but it hurts so good!…whatever that means. Check out Killian’s Workshop here.

I am also finishing up a year of study at the William Alderson Acting Studio. I have improved greatly over the past year and we are going to showcase what we have learned in our scene night coming up in June.

I am debating between taking two different kinds of classes during the summer. I am considering whether I should study the Ardavany Approach, which is geared toward on camera acting or whether I should take some comedy classes, such as Second City, Groundlings, or Upright Citizens Brigade. What do you all think?

Thanks for tuning in. Ya’ll are sexy for doing so.

Until next time…

Bryan McClure

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  1. Janet Kabourek Says:

    Absolutely smashing!

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