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Oh Duh!

Oh Duh!

So…last night I was informed I needed to do an update to my WordPress database. Pretty standard procedure, right? Wrong. Long story short, it ended up deleting several of the posts that I made over the past few months, which is a bummer, but life goes on. I guess it just gives me reason to update you fine folks right now 🙂

I have been busy lately working on several websites, one of which ( we launched just recently.  On top of that, I have 4 other websites that I have been developing, so that is all great.

On the acting front, things are going smoothly. I just met Paul Weber, the head of worldwide casting for MGM Studios. And I followed up with him by sending him a picture of me as my character from in “Bountiful”, which I got my Best Supporting Actor Nomination from. The picture looks sci-fi-ish and he casts a lot of sci-fi stuff, so I thought that’d be a great picture to follow up with.

I’ve also been working with my scene partner in class on this awesome scene from the play, “All Summer Long”. In the scene, get to play Don and I am really upset with the way my sister has treated our little brother.  Its a really good one. Challenging. I love it!

This Sunday I will begin studying at Killian’s Workshop. It is an excellent place to learn more about the commercial technique of auditioning; recommended by my agents over at The Osbrink Agency. I am excited to improve.

My manager, Michele Largé, at Epic Talent Management, has been working with me to get some great new headshots. I’ll be posting them shortly once we get them finalize. When you take 500 shots ant 450 of them are good, you have to do a lot to narrow it down.  Dennis at rocked and took some really amazing shots!

Lastly, Andrew Robinson’s film, “In the Darkness”, is tearing it up on hulu! People are really liking it and hulu is happy with us and our film.  Check it out if you haven’t yet by going to

Until next time…

Bryan McClure

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