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New Look

New Look

I just recently added a new look to the site.  I think I will probably do some customizing on it pretty soon, but I think that it has a nicer overall layout that my other one.  Just a little lighter and a little more me.  What does anyone out there think regarding the matter?

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2 Responses to “New Look”

  1. Dan McClure Says:

    I was surprised when I first opened it. It looks more like a professional resume type format. I did like the color and artistic design in your original sight. I guess you have to decide if you want it artsee or more professional looking. Either way its very nice.


  2. admin Says:

    I basically like the format a little bit better on this one and I think it will be taken a little more seriously, although I plan to customize it a little bit with my webby skills. Trust me. It will look sweet 🙂

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