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March ’09 is here

March ’09 is here

Here we are nearly mid-March of ’09 and it seems a bit surreal.  April Showers is going to have a cast and crew screening April 14th, during which, Rachel Lien, Ben Chrystak, Jill Carr, and Bill Grennan and I will all be hauling our arses out there to see the real deal.  It seems like just a couple weeks ago we were at Plattsmouth High school creating Andrew Robinson’s vision (as well as creating lasting friendships).

Life is funny the way time passes and the way things change.  I have had some really great experiences in the past year and a half with film that I am planning to expand upon here in the near future.

I am excited about having had a couple different auditions this past week.  One for a Runza instructional video and one for a short Christian film.  Both of which I would enjoy having a part in.  I almost didn’t want to mention them because I didn’t want to jinx them, but you know, I don’t really believe in that anyway.  If it is right and God wants me to be in those projects, then it will happen.  I also have been in talks with 3 other projects that I hope to here more about.  One is a potential SAGer baby!  I think I heard that when I was in discussions with it.  I guess we will find out soon.

I am really excited to move to Los Angeles!  My travel buds and I have been making arrangements to make the move.  It is both extremely exciting and extremely nerve-wracking.  I have realized that I will not fail.  I can’t.  I won’t say, “I can’t even if I tried,” because I am pretty sure I could try to fail and succeed at that…maybe that is just because I am so dedicated to whatever I do that even if it is trying to fail, I would be good at it.  Haha 🙂  Anyway, I believe in myself and I believe in the talents that God has given me.  Whether I become a great actor, a great web designer, an amazing motion graphics artist, or something I don’t even know about yet, I am confident that whatever is going to happen, I am going to put my blood, sweat, and tears into it and it will show (hopefully not because it is soggy from the blood, sweat, and tears though :)).

So that is my mind in a nutshell right now.  So many things a whirlin’ about!

Oh, and tomorrow night we are having our demonstration at the Omaha Community Playhouse for our Improvisation Class.  Check it out at 7:30 if you aren’t busy!


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  1. Dan McClure Says:


    If anyone can do it you can. Keep up the good work and especially the great attitude. I have the greatest confidence in you.



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