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Lucky Tangerine

Lucky Tangerine

Sorry to keep you all waiting for so long, but I have been quite busy.

I have been busy filming the movie “Tangerine Sky” for the past month. I hope that you all get a chance to see this movie because it is a fun one. I play the lead, Marcus. The story is about the life-changing journey of Marcus and his best friend, Ronnie, from the Mojave desert to Malibu and the many obstacles that stand in their way. As of our meeting today we should wrap filming no later than September 2. We plan to enter it into the Slamdance Film Festival, as well as many others, such as the Omaha Film Festival.

Two weekends ago, I got my hustle on by volunteering at the Feel Good Film Festival. It was a really great experience. I got to see some interesting films, meet some interesting people, and above all make some wonderful new friends! Thanks to America Young for allowing me to help out at her festival.

On Tuesday of this week (August 18th), I was notified that I received a part in another SAG film in my home town of Council Bluffs, IA!  I have a nice part in a film called “Lucky” and believe I will be acting alongside Colin Hanks.  The movie “Lucky” is also exciting for me for other reasons besides being offered a cool role next to a named actor, if also causes me to take the next step in my acting career; I am going to become a member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG)!

So that you can stay more up to date on my goings on, I have implemented a Twitter Updated on my website in place of the Featured Photos area.  This way you can check back to my site more often for more frequent updates.  I will try to limit the amount of times I write mundane things like, “Going to the gym,” but, as my acting teacher Bill Alderson says, you just have to go with the impulse.

Until next time,
Bryan McClure

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  1. Dan McClure Says:

    Cool picture Bry, how was it developed?

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