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It’s the final countdown…

It’s the final countdown…

So here we are, less than two weeks until departure and things are quite busy in Omaha. The four of us travelers have been working diligently to get everything in order for takeoff. This weekend our moving vehicle will be available to start putting stuff in there. I will be bedless for probably 6 days, which is not too cool! Luckily we have some nice couches available for sleeping on.

Anywho, I thought I would give a little acting update to all those readers of Bryan McClure’s blog – “gettin’ my blog on”.

A couple weekend ago we filmed both Saturday and Sunday on Kreg Gilson & Jason Bryant’s project entitled “The Journal”. It is an intriguing story about how a sixteen year-old boy named Cole comes to find out the truth about why his real father left their family, which up until this point in his life, has been a complete lie. I am Cole.

Last week, Rachel Lien, Bill Grennan, and I were bless with the opportunity to work on an artistic project with Tim Guthrie from Creighton University. Tim is a multi-media artist in the fact that he makes art with a number of different mediums (not just on the computer…with which the term “multi-media” is often associated). It was a neat project that included the 3 of us cramped into a small hot air ballon with a green screen behind us. We got to do a lot of improvisation, which is always great fun for me! Tim is planning to take the footage, edit it together, and then rotoscope the whole project. Rotoscoping is when you go back and trace over every frame to make it look like an animation. I hope that Tim finds the time to complete this because I think that this would be a really neat project to have a copy of!

Tomorrow Rachel Lien and I will wrap filming for our parts in “The Journal,” so it will be a fun evening. However before I get to go to that, I get to go to an audition tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Next Monday will be cool as well because I get to do some voiceover work on a children’s animated movie. I am playing a lamb. I have been practicing my lamb noises as a result and I think I have them down pretty well, if I do say so myself.

I’ve got to get all my stuff pack and ready to be moved out soon! It really is the final count down. Such a crazy time in my life!

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