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Blogging huh?

Blogging huh?

Welp, here I am setting up my blog, so that I can get down and dirty with some sweet arse blogging acting. Mainly many people have asked me to keep them updated with what I am doing in my life and since blogging allows people to log on and see whatever I blog about, I figured that it would be a really good way to keep people updated without having to keep track of and get a hold of everyone that says, “Keep me posted on what you are up to.” Thus, I am giving you folk of interest an option to allow yourselves to stay as updated on my latest adventures as you would like! “Yippie Skippy!” I know, but please try to hold in your excitement until the end of this first entry because I don’t want you spilling your delicious beverage that is sitting next to you on your desk on your keyboard when you get super jazzed at my blogging skillz (take note of the z).

Long blogs can be a task to read, so I am going to try to sum up my year thus far in simple snippets.

  1. I get to act in a CSI spoof that UNL’s horticulture department is doing. Developed a sweet character named Carl Misapplier
  2. I act in a Theater production of Enchanted April at the Grand Old Players Theater. I played the artistic lady-loving Antony Wilding
  3. Through the Nebraska Film Group, I heard about auditions for a movie out of Los Angeles called April Showers. Score a SWEET part as a student named Jonathan in Andrew Robinson’s screenplay about his personal experience as a student during the Columbine High School Shootings! Check out the website. I helped them pre-production during auditions and as a location scout. Amazing AMAZING time! Definitely changed my life! I made a ton of friends and worked with Tom Arnold, Illeana Douglas, and up and coming young guns Kelly Blatz, Daryl Sabara, Janel Parish, Ellen Woglom, Rachel Lien, and Ben Chrystak. Like I said, some great people!
  4. Got involved with Horror House (short film) with my good friends Ben Chrystak and Jill Carr and work on the project written and directed by Dustin Ferguson in Lincoln. I played Jeffery
  5. Brent Spencer’s ongoing project, The Jack Nicholson Seat, was next. I play one of the leads. A character named Arlo.
  6. Next I played a supporting character in Richard Dooling’s Bush Pigs.
  7. Nebraska documentarian, Jim Fields, gave me a part in Bugeaters, a documentary about the origins of the University of Nebraska’s football team.
  8. As of early this week, I played a small role in a movie that is still currently filming in my hometown of Council Bluffs, IA called The Scientist. My character’s name was Andrew Bennett. I got to work with two professional actors by the names Bill Sage, playing Marcus Ryan, and Adam Lefevre, playing Alan, as well as two local gurus Tom Wees and Jerry Longe.
  9. I am currently working on several projects as we speak. I will wrap filming for Wake the Witch, in Lincoln this weekend. I play the boyfriend of the lead. My characters name is Eric.
  10. I am about to begin production next month on a project called Art 321, with first time writer and film director Avi Ray. I will get to travel to some interesting locations.
  11. Additionally, I am trying a hand at some behind the scenes stuff with my friend, writer-director-actor Cheri Bloomingdale. I am interested in doing some cinematography work as well as acting, so that will be great.

So all in all, it has been a really productive year so far! And there are still 2 months left! I look forward to what the rest of the year brings and the challenges, obstacles, and joy that next year will bring me. Until next time.


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