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Finishing up…

Finishing up…

Well here we are. I have completed all of my work here in Omaha and it is time to move on to the next step of my journey.

Last week, I wrapped my portion of “The Journal”. I am very excited to see how this film finishes up. It was shot on the Red One camera and the footage looks great!

Monday of this week, I also had the part of a lamb in a children’s short cartoon film. The movie is called “Magical Melody” and it was written and directed by Susan Engel. I had a lot of fun doing the voiceover work.

Today, my sister graduated. This marks the last day of my time in Omaha. I find Omaha to be a nice, enjoyable place. The pace of life is calm and peaceful in comparison to the pace of things in Los Angeles. Omaha will always have a special place with me. I look forward to coming back to Omaha in the coming months to work on several projects that I have been in discussion about.

NEWS FLASH: I just received a phone call from my mother who was told that April Showers will play for a 4th week at the Rave theater in Omaha because of how well it is doing! This is not confirmed, but, should it be true, this is really great news!

As for tomorrow, I will wake up at approximately 6:30, then pack what is left of my stuff into my car. I am heading over to the farewell breakfast that Rachel’s mother is having. Shortly after, we will begin our journey. We should be hitting the road by 8:30 to arrive in Fort Collins, CO by about 7:00pm.

Stay tuned for more on the travels and adventures.

Bryan McClure

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  1. Dan McClure Says:

    Good luck Bry, you are amazing!

    Love you


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