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When one door closes another door opens…

When one door closes another door opens…

This weekend was the first weekend I have had to get some stuff done in a while so it was a  really fulfilling weekend…plus I took Friday off from doing “web design” for the Archdiocese of Omaha, so I had a nice long weekend!

This weekend concluded my last workshop at the John Beasley theater.  I enjoyed my experiences during the class, though I always wish for more.  I learned some things, just as being grounded and letting your emotions come from your gut.  I realized the importance of really studying your lines hard and the importance of making sure you have mental pictures for everything.  And most importantly, I realized that I have a lot to do, which is great!

But with this door closing comes the opening of another.  This weekend, the long awaited “Shimmer 2” (wink) is having a special screening the opening night of the Omaha Film Festival.  This movie is going to change my life from here on out (and it is crazy to think about when I realize how much it has done for me already!).  I can’t wait and it is now just 5 days away!  Please come on out and check it out.  Get your tickets here for Shimmer 2 and don’t hesitate to come to some of the other films or conference panels.  It truly will be a festival to be remembered!

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