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Busy, busy, busy…

Busy, busy, busy…

Sorry I haven’t updated in for a few, but I have been busy, busy, busy.  Especially this week.  Let me tell you about it.

This last weekend played the lead role in a short film called “Strangers”.  It is a story about a boy who comes to live with his father that he barely knows after his mothers death.  While living with his father, the boy comes to find out his father is gay.  It was directed by Tassia Quirino, who was a pleasure to work with.

Project 2 is a special one because, just like before, the stars have aligned again for the chance to work with the wonderful Rachel Lien.  We are filming in a music video.  The opportunity arose where the director Clarisse Wiedem already offered me the part and told me that they would be auditioning girls.  I recommended the very talented Ms. Lien.  Because of the chemistry we have, Clarisse jumped at the opportunity.

The third project and the one that the picture above shows is called “Tangerine Sky”.  It is a feature film and I am playing one of the leads.  Its about my journey, as I run away from my terrible home life in Mojave Desert with my best friend to become a pro surfer in Malibu.  I currently have dreadlocks 🙂

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4 Responses to “Busy, busy, busy…”

  1. Janet Kabourek Says:

    Love the ‘do! How are you at surfing?

  2. Chris Milner Says:

    Nice dreads, I always knew you had it in you.

  3. blogmaster Says:

    Don’t they rock!?

  4. Major III Says:


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