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“Big Audition” update

“Big Audition” update

Hey gang!

I wanted to update all you wonderful people on the latest news from my recent “big auditions”.  Those big auditions were for the new “Power Rangers”, which is being brought back to Nickelodeon.  First of all, I really appreciate all your support, prayers, and blessings! I really believe it helped because I made it all the way to the Network. I had 4 auditions and got extremely positive feedback every time and I thank you all for your support.

However, just as is the nature of this business, they choose to go a different direction, thus I didn’t receive the part. The only way I could have gone further than I did would have been for them to have given me the role.

Although I didn’t receive the part, I did receive a lot from the process. They always say, “don’t concern yourself with getting the part, but rather making them a fan”. And I did just that. I received extremely positive feedback throughout! I also gained more confidence in my own abilities, and a better relationship with my manager (Michele Largé of Epic Talent Management) and my agent, Cindy Osbrink.  I developed some fantastic methods to approach my auditioning for future roles, and ultimately, I came away with a taste of what it is like to be right there, an arms length away from something really amazing and powerful, and it makes me want to try even harder!

So again, THANK YOU all for your support, for your following my progress, and for believing in me!

But for now, I have to go. I have an audition today to get ready for 🙂

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  1. Dan McClure Says:

    Way to go Bryan, really proud of you for not only doing so well but for having such a positive outlook on it all in spite of not getting the part. You truly are a stellar individual! 🙂



  2. blogmaster Says:

    Well, thanks Pops! 🙂

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