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29 Again…again

29 Again…again

The 3rd weekend of 29 Again is here and we are looking for bar patrons in our bar scene, here is a message from the director,

I want to first thank everyone who has helped me with my short film “29 Again.” So many of you took time to help me with auditions, audition for roles, and offer your support.

Many of you know that I am filming a bar scene. I finally have the details to share with you. The bar scene will happen on Saturday, Feb. 7th at the Midway Tavern located in Soldier, Iowa. Soldier is a small town so finding the bar is quite easy. The address is 206 1st St Soldier, IA 51572. I am inviting the film group members to be a part of this fun scene. We need people of all ages (over 21 or at least look it). The scene is set in the winter and I ask that people avoid large logos or brand names. Everyone will need to sign a release at the door. The bar will be open for business but I will be able to provide “fake” drinks for everyone who needs one. Munchies will be available but please eat your lunch before arriving on set.

Patrons will need to be at the bar at noon. We plan to film until approx. 4:00 or later but patrons are not required to stay the entire time.

Please, bring your friends and stay for a fun time on set. Since it is over an hour drive, I highly recommend carpooling. What might you be doing on set? Sitting at tables, flirting, talking to friends, playing pool, dancing to the band, perhapsĀ  some dancing ON the tables…typical night at a bar behavior.

Hope to see you there! Please contact me if you plan on coming and how many people you might bring. It will help me with planning.

Thank you!
Cheri Bloomingdale

So if you want to come out please do! The address is 206 1st Street Soldier, IA 51572!

On another note, almost 2 weeks until “Shimmer 2” at the Omaha Film Festival!!!

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