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29 Again – Weekend One

29 Again – Weekend One

Last weekend was our first weekend of filming 29 Again, written by my good friend, Cheri Bloomingdale.  It was a very interesting weekend with my friends and I all learning a lot about a number of things; a lot about what goes on behind the scenes of the crew, a lot about how we function as a group of friends when the tensions of set gets high, and a lot about out ourselves as individuals.  It was a good experience to have.  As of right now, we will be returning to Soldier, IA this Saturday and the following weekend on Saturday and Sunday to press on with filming.

We captured some great footage on the Red One Camera and Larry Bolding is creating some very delicious video.

All the actors did a great job (including young Kyra, Cheri’s daughter) and I am looking forward to seeing how this sassy project will end up…although, I suppose I am getting a bit ahead of myself considering that we have only completed one weekend of production and haven’t even begun to think about post-production.  In fact, I think we are still looking for an editor, so if any of you editors out there are looking to get your paws on a new project, why don’t ya holla at me?

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