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Hawaii Five-O

Hawaii Five-O

Hey Friends,
You may have heard, you may not have, but I just got word yesterday, Monday, November 21, 2011, that I booked a role on Hawaii Five-O. It’s a pretty awesome thing how it all worked out!

I basically found out a few months ago from my Power Group at The Actors Network that they were looking for local hires on the show (local hire means that the actor has a local address they can stay at, which is a good thing for the production because they don’t have to pay lodging and travel fares). I’ve been fortunate in my life to meet a lot of awesome Hawaiians! So I thought to myself at the time, I should try to get on that show by going local hire and staying with some friends.

Then last month, I took the wonderfully wonderful class “Class Rules!” from Bonnie Gillespie (writer of the book Self Management for Actors and creator of Get A-listed). In the class, we had an assignment to start doing research on shows that we’d be right for.  In researching, I started to look up Hawaii Five-O. Because of my findings, I realized how right I’d be to get on the show.

With the help of some information I got regarding roles perfect for me, which they were casting, I decided to walk my headshot in to their Casting Office and let them know that I could work as a local hire and be one of those roles. They called me in to audition the next week.  I practiced with my friend Erik Thomas before going in to coach with the talented actor and acting coach Billy O’Leary and he helped me to put together a great performance.

Next, I went in and did my audition with Jennifer Cooper. She ended up gaving me 3 redirects and I believe that I nailed them all.  At least, I’m guessing by the outcome that is the case! 🙂

Pretty stoked to go to Hawaii for 9 days!

Just recently, when my friend and I were discussing how hard it is out here, I coined a new phrase regarding this topic. The phrase was, “You’ve gotta keep pushing hard, and just hope the baby comes out healthy.” 😉

Thanks for reading,
Bryan McClure

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4 Responses to “Hawaii Five-O”

  1. Chris Milner Says:

    Awesome post B! Keep on pushing hard!

  2. blogmaster Says:

    Thanks Mills! You know I will.

  3. Angela Peters Says:

    What a fantastic post. This is what I dream of reading about. Actors getting up and making stuff happen. Well done on booking that job. Well deserved. Really looking forward to checking out more of your posts.

  4. blogmaster Says:

    Thanks for the kind words Angela. It’s very much appreciated! I wish you all the best as well.


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